8 Retail Marketing Strategy Plans That Will Work

If you own a company, you’ll want to do all you can to make it successful. The success may largely rest in the retail marketing strategy you use. There are many retail marketing strategies that may enable you to have a more profitable company, especially when you have a clear plan and know what to do. Putting these specific retail marketing strategies to may be the key to enjoying entrepreneurial success.Continue reading


7 Ways of Organizing Paperwork Effectively and Efficiently

Keeping your office clean and free of clutter is a huge factor in productivity. Working in a cluttered space makes it harder for you to get your job done and causes you to waste time looking for items and constantly organizing paperwork.

However, by putting a few measures in place, you can keep your office clean with virtually no effort at all. Use the following 7 different techniques for organizing paperwork in an efficient way:Continue reading


6 Electric Bicycle Safety Rules to Follow

Electric bicycles or e-bikes are popular, especially among the elderly. This is apparently due to their automation features, which make them easy to use. The e-bike features a small motor that not only relieves traditional pedaling but also fully automates propulsion. These bicycles usually give the rider a scooter-like experience.

Other bikes offer a green pedal mode, but with an e-bike, this mode is optional. Some of these bikes can reach a maximum speed of 30 mph; this is quite impressive for a bicycle. To get the most out of an e-bike, there some basic safety rules you should follow. Here are some of these electric bicycle safety rules:Continue reading


4 Immigration Processes for Moving to Canada

While the subject of immigration is wide and varied, there are a few overarching themes. People usually head to Canada because they want a better life for themselves and their family members. Perhaps they are hoping for employment options, the ability to study, or just a safe place to live. An immigration lawyer is knowledgeable and skilled in the many different programmes open to those coming to Canada internationally.Continue reading


9 Good Excuses, Bad Excuses & Funny Excuses for Missing Work

Thinking about mirroring Ferris Buehler’s Day off? We don’t blame you. Whether it’s too cold and miserable outside or it is too warm and beautiful outside, you want to take advantage and not miss out on what life has to offer. Sometimes, this requires playing hooky once in a while, which can be accomplished the best excuses possible, not silly ones elementary kids would say.

Let’s take a look at the nine good excuses, bad excuses & funny excuses for missing work:

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Cubicle Etiquette Tips: 8 Office Cubicle Do’s and Don’ts

As any office worker may know, cubicle etiquette is very tricky to navigate. The biggest sins in any office cubicle environment are trying to take someone’s red stapler, hovering over the employee’s cubicle wall saying “ummm” and “yeaaah,” and bashing in your colleague’s printer with a baseball bat. Well, that last one may not be too bad if it keeps hiccupping anytime you need to print something imperative.

We have a love-hate relationship with cubicles. On one hand, we tend to connect cubicles with a soul-sucking entity from the deep recesses of space. On the other, we much prefer cubicles to the 21st-century open concept office spaces that modern-day businesses are talking about.

If the cubicle is here to stay, especially in your office, then it’s important to start thinking about how to be polite, respectful, and a model worker, like Frank Grimes or postal workers from the 1990s. Here are eight office cubicle etiquette practices to employ:

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