5 Factors That Can Harm Your Credit Rating

We all know that maintaining a decent credit score involves paying your credit card bills on time, but there are many other factors that could contribute to a poor credit rating. The score ranges from 300 to 850. To achieve a solid rating, you will need to score a number higher than 650. A poor credit rating will typically fall below 620. To keep your credit rating at a good level, look out for the following factors that could potentially harm your rating:

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3 Training Tips to Raise Your Portuguese Water Dog Puppies

Your dog is a valued part of your family, but it’s crucial to establish boundaries. Spoiling your dog can inadvertently create behavioral issues that can be hard to correct. A Portuguese water dog that doesn’t know it’s position will seek to be the leader of the household which can cause problems. This blog post looks at three different tips that will help stop these behavioral issues before they start!Continue reading


4 Benefits of Custom Designed Shipping Boxes

If your business regularly ships products you are probably always looking for ways to improve the shipping process. Shipping boxes are important for any business that regularly transports products to customers. As a business, you have a lot more options to send your products to your customers other than a plain brown box. Here are 4 reasons why custom boxes can help your business in the long and short-term.

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