5 Professional Reasons to Continue Your Dental Education

If you’re a dental professional that has been working in the field, continuing your education is vital. Not only will continued education provide you with a refresher on your practice, but it can introduce you to new methods, concepts and devices that you otherwise would not have known about.

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5 Maintenance Tips for High-End Recycling Bins

Many homeowners refuse to invest in high-end recycling bins. Because the municipal waste employees simply toss the can onto the sidewalk, many feel that is unnecessary to spend more than you have to on a blue recycling bin. Is this true? You can certainly understand the argument.

However, since recycling bin technology has truly evolved in recent years, perhaps it isn’t such a bad idea to purchase a couple of new ones. The newest bins combat racoons, withstand environmental conditions, and remain in great shape for years to come.

Interested? That’s great!

Now you just need to properly take care of your high-end recycling bins. By adopting these measures, you can ensure that your investment won’t go to waste in a couple of years.

Here are five maintenance tips for your high-end recycling bins:

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5 Tips to Make Your Employee Timesheet Easier to Complete

As a manager, how hard is it to get your personnel to complete their daily or weekly employee timesheets? Be honest now!

Despite the frequent reminders, the software upgrades, and the initial training, your employees aren’t filling in their timesheets. What could you possibly do?

For whatever reason, a handful of your staff members refuse to submit their timesheets on time or accurately. Of course, without the timesheets, it will be difficult for them to get paid. It can seem like they don’t want to get paid and prefer to work for free. So, that’s good for you! But you’re not in business to take advantage of staffers who don’t know any better.

Your office can employ some simple but effective measures to see an increase in submissions.

Here are five tips to make your employee timesheet easy to complete:

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