9 Different Types of Retail Store Displays

One of the most important factors of a thriving retail store is the impact their displays have on customers. Picking the right types of retail displays in a store, however, is a daunting task, especially if you are not conversant with the prevailing marketing trends.

Understanding market dynamics and customer behaviour is key when determining the type of displays to install in your retail store. Below are 9 different types of retail store displays you can experiment with at your store:Continue reading


Top 5 Applications of Flexographic Printing

Flexographic printing is emerging as one of the most efficient printing technology that organizations are using. This has been facilitated by its higher printing runs, which helps organizations to save money among other benefits such as multiple printing colors, cheap and readily available ink, and the ability to load materials while running. Despite all these advantages, a significant number of individuals don’t know where flex printing is used.Continue reading


7 Best Low Risk Investments for High Returns

The financial services sector is selling more products than ever before. Whether it is your local branch or a Wall Street investment house, you can access any number of investment vehicles and markets. There really is no excuse to not be exposed to a dividend stock, an exchange-traded fund, or even a GIC.

Of course, some people are so terrified of equities, real estate, and bullion that they prefer to just put their hard-earned loonies and toonies in a low interest savings account. That’s not the way to go, but can you invest without the risk?

Here are the seven best low risk investments for high returns:

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4 Technological Trends in Water Treatment

Water covers the most significant percentage of the Earth’s surface, but there is an acute shortage of water in various parts of the world. The government, with the support of non-government organizations, have been working on multiple methods to enhance water purification. New business models, new technologies, and advancement in water treatment equipment will dominate the water sector in the next few years.Continue reading


8 Pro Tips for Starting a Home Business with No Money

Starting a business with no money can be a daunting task. Many great business ideas remain unacted upon due to lack of money. For most people who wish to start a home business with no money, accessing capital is the greatest challenge. Yet, money must not be a caveat to starting a business. Home business, for instance, accounts for 50% of all companies according to the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council.

A home business effectively cuts operational costs and is a good place to lay a formidable foundation for future expansion. If you have clarity in your vision and are confident the market is ripe for your idea, you can start a home business and join millions of others who have succeeded this way.

Check these 8 pro tips for starting a home business with no money:

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