8 Dental Hygienist Duties and Daily Tasks

Knowledge is power. Did you know that a dental hygienist’s job description covers patient care and after-care treatment? The contention that dental hygienists only clean teeth misleads aspiring professionals. Also known as dental assistants, hygienists work with dentists to treat and offer services that go beyond flossing and brushing teeth.

Here are eight common dental hygienist duties that should prick your interest in the career.Continue reading


4 Ways You Can Manage Your Time Better with Workforce Management Software

It is one of the most persistent and pervasive truths of the workplace today that there’s seemingly always too much to do and not enough time in which to do it. You want to be a productive team member, and are indeed hard at work day in and day out to make sure that you and your company are as productive as possible. That being said, for as hard as you work, it can be hard to get everything done. Too often, it’s your ability to plan and schedule properly, and things just snowball from there. Thankfully, with quality workforce management software, you can schedule a better way and get your business’s productivity back on track.Continue reading


8 Different Types of Trucks for Transporting Goods

If you are planning to transport goods, there are different types of trucks to choose from. Each moving truck has unique capabilities. Different types of trucks are good for different tasks, such as moving out or even transport your precious sports car from one place to another,

Sometimes, your needs could be so specific that a one-size-fits-all solution is not applicable. To make an informed decision when transporting your goods, you need to know the different types of trucks available and their capabilities. Below are 8 different types of trucks you can choose from when transporting goods:Continue reading


11 Different Types of Chefs and Their Kitchen Roles

Since you are reading this, you probably have dreams of becoming an executive chef one day, which is the highest position among chefs; but getting there is a process. An executive chef is the brains in the kitchen. It is a position you have to work for. Different types of chefs have different tasks to do in the kitchen, which obviously mean they need different types of kitchen equipment to perform these tasks. The following are some of the different types of chefs:Continue reading


8 Character Traits of a Good Employee

A good worker is hard to find.

More employers are learning that the hard way these days. Since the millennial generation is willing to hop from job to job, quit on a dime, and refrain from working at the same job for too long, businesses need to employ measures to either hire the best workers or retain the good ones.

First, you need to determine if you have great employees. How can you do this? You need to identify the traits and characteristics of a good employee.Continue reading