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BELLEVUE — The Bellevue Board of Education held their monthly meeting on Wednesday evening, where they heard the usual reports as well as presentations on Bellevue’s 2016 food service audit and Treasurer Tom Siloy’s five year financial forecast.

Siloy delivered his financial report and put out the May five-year financial forecast for approval. The school district is already 10 months or 83 percent, through the fiscal year.

This was Siloy’s first time giving the five-year forecast since taking over for former treasurer Nancy Beier. He covered the expected revenue and spending — noting that the only major difference in expenditures the district made this year was the purchase and installation of air conditioning in the high school’s gymnasium.

The school district will also be losing one source of revenue, Siloy reported. Bellevue was receiving reimbursement payments for personal property taxes (TPP) from the State of Ohio through the foundation program, but the school district is currently on a phase-out program. They will stop seeing the reimbursement money by 2020, a factor which contributes to a loss of revenue according to Siloy.

Despite this predicted loss of revenue, the forecast didn’t see many other changes over the next five years as far as revenue was concerned. Siloy predicts the school will take in $20.127 million in revenue in 2020 — down slightly from the $20.274 million the district is forecasted to bring in for the 2016 fiscal year.

Siloy also explained the district is on pace with its expenditures. The forecast calls for a small increase of 2.2 percent in expenditures over the next three years — from $20.651 million forecasted for 2016 to $22.334 million by 2020.

Despite the increase in expenditures, the district is still looking at an increase in revenue of 3.2 percent each of the next five years and will maintain a heavy hefty positive cash balance of over $2.2 million.

Following Siloy’s financial forecast, Food Services Director Jackie Hess delivered the report on the state of Bellevue’s meal program. According to Hess, her staff was audited by the USDA this year, which turned into a long process. The audit staff reviewed everything from Bellevue’s food packaging to their record keeping and food safety standards.

Superintendent Kim Schubert noted that the food service account is fully self-funded, and that Hess has been doing an impressive job keeping it in the black.

“It was a rough year with this audit, but she got through it with flying colors,” said Schubert.

The Board also saw a presentation from Curriculum Director Kimberly Swartz. With the end of the year fast-approaching, Swartz was pleased to announce that the 100 percent of the third grade students had met the state reading guarantee.

Swartz went on to let the board know about the new counselor evaluation tool that the school will be using. The tool will be similar to the district’s teacher evaluation tool, and will be implemented after their bargaining agreement in fall of 2017.

She also noted that spring test results would be ready by the end of June, earlier than last year.

Following Swartz’s presentation, the board approved a motion for Bellevue City School District to be a member of the OHSAA for the 2016-17 school year.

Schubert also covered the fee schedule for the 2016-17 school year — noting that fee for third, fourth and fifth grade students decreased in price due to a switch from paper to electronic test materials while everything else remained the same.

“A special thank you to all of our administrators, our sports staff, and especially our teachers,” said Schubert. “I just want to thank our staff, our entire staff, for that.”

She went on to thank Mr. and Mrs. Didion for their donation of 100 books to the fifth grade class, enough for each student to have their own.

The Board then approved every routine item on the schedule, including a NOECA contract for services. The board also discussed the upcoming resignation and appointment of several classified personnel, including a replacement for middle school secretary Linda Netcher who will be retiring at the end of the year.

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By Ivy Keller