6 Popular Uses of DNA Fingerprinting Techniques

Also known as genetic fingerprinting, DNA typing or DNA profiling, DNA fingerprinting is a chemical test whose result shows the genetic makeup of a person. It is the most accurate way of identifying a person since everyone’s genetic makeup is different and unique. There are various uses of DNA profiling. Let’s take a closer look at a six of them.Continue reading


4 Most Popular Ways to Use DNA Testing

The modern DNA profiling process pretty much began in the mid-1980s in the University of Leicester in England. Since then, the process and methods have been pretty much perfected. Even though the sequences of human DNA are virtually the same in every human being, there is a small amount that can distinguish one person from another.

So much can be told about DNA and it is used in many ways where it can really make a difference. Let’s take a closer look at some of the important ways DNA profiling can make a difference.

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