Standing out as a business is incredibly difficult. There are often hundreds if not thousands of other businesses in your niche all competing for the same real estate. It’s why something that seems simple such as shipping boxes can wind up having a big impact.

It is just one way in which companies can differentiate themselves. Don’t go with plain brown boxes any longer. Here are the four main reasons why your company should be investing in custom product packaging.

1. Branding

One of the biggest battles facing just about any business out there is establishing a brand. That brand is what customers associate with a certain product or industry. Being able to gain that brand recognition can be infinitely valuable for businesses no matter the niche.

Something as simple as investing in custom product packaging by contacting experts like Mitchel Lincoln can help to establish that brand awareness and presence. Customers will recognize your box right away because of the distinct logo and there is a chance that a neighbour or passerby may see it as well, wondering what it is about and inquiring further. It is a chance to make your logo visible.

2. It Looks Better

Although it may not seem like all that big a deal to have a good-looking box, it can be. For starters, it looks better than just sending products in a plain cardboard box. There are a million plain cardboard boxes out there, but there’s only one of your company.

Moreover, it provides a more professional appearance. There is no wondering where the box came from. It just makes each package look like it’s legitimate and that the business that sent it is legitimate, too. It is the small things that can stand out in the business world, after all.

3. Cost-Effective

For businesses of any size, cutting down on unnecessary costs is something we all hope to do. Although it may seem like an investment to have custom shipping boxes made, it can actually save you money over the long run.

That’s because custom boxes can be properly sized to fit your products. That means less wasted room in the packages, which in turn means fewer shipping materials needed to keep your products safe. In the long run, that can equate to some major savings and ensure customer quality by keeping products safe during shipping.

4. Environmentally Responsible

Although the focus on those custom box sizes can be about the saved costs, there is another benefit to be had. With the collective eye that we have toward the environment of late, it is important to cut down on our carbon footprint and reduce waste.

By investing in custom packaging, your business can do just that. Fewer packing materials used means a lot less waste. Cardboard can be broken down easily and, with fewer packing materials within, there is a lot less of those wasted materials going into dumps and landfills. It may seem like a small benefit but it adds up over time.